List of Top UK Job Aggregators 2022

Top UK aggregators
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The job aggregator landscape has change quite a lot over recent years. Independent job boards dominated the UK recruitment landscape with emerging aggregators coming in alongside and becoming a ‘single source of jobs’ from various job boards.

Very cleverly this enabled Indeed to build a brand presence amongst both jobseekers and recruiters, eventually establishing direct relationships with recruiters and becoming a serious competitor for job boards.

Indeed is no longer considered an aggregator as it pursues direct relationships with employers.

What is a job aggregator?

Job or job board aggregators are commonplace not just in the UK but globally. They are also known as job aggregators and job search engines.

Job board aggregators make life easier for jobseekers as they enable them to visit a single website to view jobs from multiple niche job boards…saving them from trawling their way around the web. So rather than visiting, and separately, the jobseeker can visit a single aggregator site and find all of the jobs that would be on each of these websites in one place.

Much in the same way as the insurance or travel industries do for their respective areas (take ‘Compare the Market’ and ‘Expedia’ as examples).

Naturally for the jobseeker there are inherent advantages in this. They only need to visit and log in to one website rather than a number of websites in order to repeat the same search.

However it can also lead to a clunky user experience whereby there are bounced from website to website being asked to register each time.

For example the aggregator may send them to where they have to register to apply, but then send them to the website of the employer to register again on their careers site.

Most aggregators now allow employers to post jobs directly to them. This is a strategy that Indeed has pursued aggressively, moving away from their traditional aggregator model towards that of a job listing website.

For businesses considering launching a new job board, aggregators can be a useful source of job inventory, enabling them to instantly publish a large volume of jobs on their website. In some cases the aggregators will pay the job board for every visitors or job application that they then send back.

So who are the top job board aggregators in the UK?

Top UK job aggregators 2022

  1. Jooble – 248,000 monthly UK visits

At the time of writing, Jooble claimed to have nearly 500,000 UK jobs from over 14,000 websites. Jooble are Ukrainian based and considered to be the world’s second most visited job site after Indeed.

2. Simply Hired– 190,000 monthly UK visits

Launched in 2003, California based Simply Hired was bought by Indeed parent company, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd in 2016. Simply Hired encourages employers to post their jobs directly on their website for free and then redirects them to Indeed who charge on a ‘per click’ basis for employers to receive more visibility and applications.

3. Adzuna – 108,000 monthly UK visits

London based Adzuna was founded by Doug Monro and Andrew Hunter in 2011 (formerly of Gumtree and Zoopla). Since their original launch in the UK they have now expanded internationally and now claim to have over 1,000,000 live jobs.

4. Jobted – 106,000 monthly UK visits

Jobted launched out of Lombardia, Italy in 2012 and now operates across 13 countries. Unlike many other job aggregators who encourage employers to post jobs directly with them, Jobted doesn’t have this option and generates revenue by sending jobseekers to job boards on a ‘cost per click’ basis.

5. JobisJob – 106,000 monthly UK visits

Jobisjob is part of a large Madrid based marketplace company called Adevinta who also own Infojobs and Milanuncios in Spain. Operating globally, Jobisjob is the 5th largest UK aggregator.

6. Ziprecruiter – 10,200 monthly UK visits

Based in California and founded in 2010, Ziprecruiter claim to have over 1,000,000 UK job listings. At the time of writing, Ziprecruiter were charging £99 for employers wishing to advertise a job directly with them.

7. Neuvoo– 9,400 monthly UK visits

Founded in 2011, Nuevoo offer free job posting to careers sites. Career sites then have the option to upgrade to sponsored jobs in order to increase their visibility.

8. Careerjet – 9,400 monthly UK visits

Careerjet are a London based jobs aggregator founded in 1999. At the time of writing they had just over 630,000 UK jobs listed. Posting a job on Careerjet costs £100.00 for 45 days.

9. Allthetopbananas– 6,400 monthly UK visits

Allthetopbananas are a UK based aggregator started in 2005. They now have global coverage and are a pure-play aggregator meaning that employers cannot post their vacancies directly to Allthetopbananas .

10. Jobs Bear – 1,900 monthly UK visits

Jobsbear are based in Israel and are focussed on the UK market. Since 2019 they have been invested in growing their footprint in the UK and currently rank number 10 in our 2021 lineup.

Visit data is taken from SEMrush UK organic data in July 2021.

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Written by Jonathan Hedger

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